Ideas for Rainy Day


"There's no telling what tomorrow will bring, every cloud has a silver lining!"

We only arrived on holiday a few days ago and today the weather doesn't look too good - the children just want to get out and about whilst we, we just want to relax !!
So, what does Annecy offer a family when pleasant weather does not seem to be on the agenda ?

Fun and creativity:


The Ecomuseum of Traditional Savoy Costumes, Sevrier: ecomuseum annecy

A magnificent way of exploring the ways and customs of our beloved Savoy ancestors ! To discover more about the daily lives of our forefathers and foremothers, the Ecomuseum of Annecy, with itsexceptional textile heritage dating from the 18th to the 20th Century, offers a journey through time.

This trip provides you with the opportunity to learn much more about this Region. This visit is recommended for those of all ages; a visit with both an educational slant whilst offering a secret journey through time for the most inquisitive amongst you.

Ideal for your children!! The Ecomuseum of Savoy Costumes offers a family discovery program: activities, traditional games, showings and short films, discovery trails... For all information on dates Seasonal opening period: May to September.


The Château de Menthon Saint Bernard:

"Omnipresent, Everliving Menthon!"

The Château de Menthon Saint Bernard has seen almost a millennium pass whilst it has stood poised within opulent settings, facing the Lake Annecy and the surrounding mountains. A noble residence boasting an alluring and unique appearance which never fails to amaze, it appears timeless, bathed in a wealth of history closely tied to the history of Savoy. At present the castle, which has been home to the Menthon family since its origins, can be visited.

A family creation, where each member made their very own contribution, in tune with the times and according to their very own passions!

A magical castle overlooking Lake Annecy, which inspired Walt Disney, in particular, to create the Sleeping Beauty Castle...

A visit not to be missed by Princes and Princesses!

Seasonal opening period: May to September.

The Château de Montrottier:

A medieval castle which stood guard over the Chambéry-Geneva road which crosses the gorge at
this site, remote from the Annecy and Hauteville bridges. This Castle has since witnessed numerous constructions, bestowing 8 different "Characters".

The Medieval Castle of Montrottier and its remarkable collections is located within the Savoy foreland, between the Rhône and the limestone Prealps. The oldest buildings date back to the 13th Century. You can admire the remarkable collections amassed by Léon MARES, furniture, earthenware, lace, arms, unique objects of African and Far Eastern origins and 4 16th Century bronze bas-reliefs from Nuremberg.

Knights, Dukes, and Duchesses, come and explore times gone-by within this magnificent castle!!

Col de Leschaux Pottery:

Located at the top of the Col de Leschaux, 12 km from Sevrier and from St Jorioz, within a magnificent setting, come and discover the creations of the Potter, Ceramist, Sculptor of the Col de Leschaux. The works, ornaments and practical objects are all hand-made and convey the creator's personality and originality.

Handicrafts guaranteed to impress both you and your children, which make great present and souvenir ideas. Seasonal opening period: April to November.

The Bell Foundry, Paccard:

"Mum, how are bells made?"

 This question will be answered at the PACCARD foundry, which boats internationally renowned bells. Enter the magical world of metal fusion technology and let the Haute-Savoie Company, which transmits the Annecy name worldwide, take you away.

Within a 210 year period, more than 120,000 bells have left the PACCARD Foundry, including, in 1891, the famous Savoyarde, the largest bell in France (18,835 kg), and, in 1998, the largest bell in existence, weighing in at 33 tons! Come and discover the PACCARD Museum immediately.


Seasonal opening period: All year.


Seythenex Grottos and Waterfalls:

Come and discover a 45 metre waterfall at the foot of the Bauges Massif, the Col de Tamié and the Dent de Cons mountain.

Nestled amongst woodland, a green and refreshing setting, it is perfect for taking a breather. A natural site where you can happily stroll and contemplate the potential of the water. Discover the only underground gallery open to the public within Haute Savoie!

 Seasonal opening period: April to September.



grastronomie annecyDo you wish to enhance one of your outings at an excellent restaurant, where you can enjoy fantastic food, even when the weather is not so good?...

Then, make a reservation in one of our fitly recommended restaurants immediately and satisfy all your desires: Click Here


the Hôtelière les ChataignierS complex:

What could be more natural than wanting to be pampered during your holidays, to take care of yourself?!

Some of our establishments are equipped with gyms, such as the "Sport in club" within

Fitness, Aquagym, Aquabike, Pilates Classes, Musculation, Power Plate, Sauna/Hammam.


If you would like a face or body treatment, do not hesitate to drop by


The Hôtel les Trésoms,

with its Spa & Well-being area offers the best treatments in Annecy with a balneotherapy pool,
a hammam, a sauna, seven treatment rooms one of which is dedicated to hydromassage.



 Then do not wait any more...


Annecy offers plenty in the way of shopping.

This Venice of the Alps represents window-shopping heaven for visitors!

For more information, consult the Annecy Artisan and Traders Association website

Cultural Visits :

 Basilique de la Visitation Trip:

Erected at the Semnoz foothills at the site known as the Crêt du Maure, this religious building dedicated to two local Saints, Jeanne de Chantal and Saint François de Sales, welcomes tourists at the occasion of a guided tour, worshippers for religious services and is home to a small community of "Visitandines".

With the development of Annecy, the religious community, at the beginning of the 20th Century, decided to move away from the centre and build its new headquarters on the hills overlooking Annecy.

Consequently, in 1930, the basilica and the mother house monastery of the Ordre de la Visitation were completed. Consecrated in 1949, the church houses, in particular, the mosaics of Molkenboer, the stained glass windows of the glass-blower, Chigot and a set of 38 carillons created by Paccard which can be heard throughout Annecy. The Ordre de la Visitation, founded upon the Annecian basin represents a place of paramount importance for Salesian spirituality.

It has witnessed the presence of various religious persons such as Jean Paul I & II, Pius XI & XII, as well as Jean XXIII.

Seasonal opening period: All year. Adress: 11 Avenue de la Visitation, Annecy, 04 50 45 20 30. Acces

Church of Saint François de Sales, also known as the Church of the Italians:

Religious monument built in 1614 and consecrated in 1654, on the border of le Thiou, in Lombard style featuring clear Baroque Period elements.

With simple décor but enhanced with the play of light, this church has witnessed relatively spectacular events owing mainly to certain marriages, such as the marriages of the daughters of Gaston D’Orléans and Charles Emanuel de Savoie. During your visit, you can admire 7 Baroque style altar pieces, where the main altar piece is a reconstruction of the original 17th Century original, as well as 2 well-preserved sepulchres: those of Saint Jeanne de Chantal and Saint François de Sales.

This church, has, however fallen victim to numerous destructions and has served many roles, religious role aside.

You can also visit a memorial dedicated to Saint François de Sales, located in the adjoining building. Seasonal opening period: All year, free entrance. 

Notre Dame de Liesse:

A small sanctuary, dedicated to Mary, built in the Middle Ages, can be found in the old town of
Annecy, near le Thiou.

In 1360, Count Amédée III of Geneva ordered the transformation of this building into a genuine Sanctuary. In the mid 16th Century, Saint-Suaire was unveiled within the religious building, with, amongst the crowds of worshippers who had gathered for the occasion, the future mother of Saint-François de Sales, a religious figure representative of Savoy.

The large, off-balance (only one steeple) building features a characteristic Annecian, triangular pediment surmounted with a gilded Virgin Mary. The central dome, renovated in 2007, traps the daylight as do the stained glass windows which also depict and retrace the major events in the life of the church (events with Saint-Suaire, Saint François de Sales).

The altars, created by the Gilardi brothers and the Val Sesia artisans are Corinthian style. Extremely ornate (8 columns surrounding the high altar, 4 statues of saints and a scene depicting the Virgin Mary above), the decor is consistent throughout since all elements were created at the same time. Seasonal opening period: All year, free entrance.

Heritage & Novelty

Visit to the Old Town of Annecy :

Not to be missed, the visit to the old town of Annecy - if it rains, you will be sheltered by the arched vaults which flank all the old pedestrian routes.

You will be able to see the old prisons of Annecy, the Castle of Annecy, former haunts of prominent figures such as Rousseau.

Should a gleam of sunlight appear, do not hesitate to advance a bit further on towards Lake Annecy where you can stroll on the "Pâquier", a large esplanade, a favourite amongst the inhabitants of Annecy and the renowned "Pont des Amours".

A note for couples - as the legend goes, if a couple kiss for the very first time in the middle of the "Pont des Amours", their love will be eternal.

Do not wait any longer !

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